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In order to maintain good dental health, and to minimise the cost, hassle & invasiveness of waiting for a dental problem to occur, it is important to attend regular dental checkups with your dentist.

Our regular examination appointments include a visual check up with the assistance of dental x-rays. X-rays help to see between teeth where early dental decay is not always easy to detect with the naked eye. They also provide better knowledge of the bone and soft tissues that surround and support your teeth.

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation, or wish to understand more about our dental checkups /or any of our other general dentistry services, please Contact Us.

Looking for a great dentist for your next dental checkup? Leading Auckland dentist Dr. Matt Sumner & his team of dental experts have established one of the leading boutique dentists in Auckland. Using state-of-the-art technology, Accent Dental provides the very best solutions in general dentistry, with a total focus on your dental care and comfort. We also provide handy free parking for all our patients at the rear of the building. So when you need your next dental checkup, come see us at Accent Dental Solutions, conveniently located in Ponsonby, Auckland.
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"I have been self conscious about my smile for some time. The left and right sides of my gum were not symmetrical and so my smile looked lopsided. After discussing this with Dr. Matt I learnt that a simple laser procedure could assist. The results are better than I could have hoped for. The treatment was quick and the after effects barely noticeable. My smile looks amazing. Thanks."

Aprilanne Bonar

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