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Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Not necessarily. Our philosophy is more about monitoring and maintenance of your wisdom teeth in the first instance, and only removing wisdom teeth if required. For example, if your wisdom teeth are not painful or giving you trouble, it's often sensible to simply keep an eye on things.

However there are situations where extraction of your wisdom teeth is unavoidable. If left untreated, serious complications can occur. If you have experienced any recent symptoms such as headaches, swollen glands, earache or sore-throat, please make an appointment to see us at your earliest convenience so that our dentist can assess your situation, and discuss with you your options for possible wisdom teeth removal. Find out more about wisdom tooth removal.

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"For many years the only photo of me that I didn’t mind having taken was my passport photo – lips together & no teeth showing. That’s now changed thanks to the magical work done by Matt & his team at Accent Dental. My new teeth look very natural and the colour match is perfect."

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