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Oral Hygiene

Hi, I'm Marize Jones and I'm the full-time Oral Hygiene Specialist (a.k.a. Registered Dental Hygienist) here at Accent Dental in Auckland. Ponsonby is a great place to work, and I am really enjoying getting to know all my wonderful clients.

It's also a fabulous spot for local fine dining, which helps balance my other interests of Karate and keeping fit! People often ask me why they need to see both the dentist, and then me for their oral hygiene visits?

My role is two-fold. As a fully qualified specialist trained in preventing the bacterial infection that causes periodontal (gum & jawbone) disease, my focus is to ensure your teeth have the best possible structure supporting them. We all want to keep our teeth, right! Especially as our life-span keeps increasing. 

This disease is the main form of tooth loss in adults, with over 80% of adults having some form of this problem. Crucially preventing this infection also helps to manage the bad breath or bleeding gums that some of our patients experience.

At each oral hygiene appointment I will review your gum attachment levels (pocket depths), clean your teeth of calculus and plaque, and check the bone levels around your teeth roots. In addition I work very closely with principal Auckland dentist, Dr. Matt Sumner, to ensure a holistic and supportive approach to maximise your dental health.

My other role is to make sure your teeth look fabulous. When you have your next oral hygiene treatment you'll find me removing all staining caused by coffee/tea/wine & cigarettes, and finishing off your appointment with a professional polish for your teeth. Plus I can also offer Teeth Whitening options; a service many of our clients are keen on.

The cost of these visits is $200 and most of our clients see me twice a year (more or less depending on individual circumstances). Regular maintenance helps minimise unexected treatment and costs.

I am also a qualified Dental Therapist, which means I am trained to see and treat Children up to the age of 18 years old. Looking after their teeth is so important. Having regular thorough examinations and x-rays, in combination with preventative care and good oral hygiene instruction, is the best way to help fight tooth decay and keep your children smiling.

I look forward to meeting you soon. Marize.

Accent Dental

"Although I live in the Gold Coast Australia, I still say the best dentist I've had is the team at Accent".

Janice Aukaha-Scrimshaw